Naja’s 3rd Annual IPA Fest

Naja’s 3rd Annual IPA Fest

King Harbor in Redondo Beach is just about sardine free and ready to invite the South Bay back to its sea-side hamlet of salty views, tasty food, and bar-stool adventures as one of SBE’s favorite destinations for a cold frosty is in the middle of their 3rd Annual IPA Festival. Naja’s Place, located on the King Harbor side of Redondo Pier, is a beer drinker’s delight with 88 beers on tap. Their IPA Fest is serious business amongst beer geeks and for good reason. All types of IPAs (India Pale Ale) and DPAs (think IPA on steroids) will be on draft, the world’s finest hoppy brews are selected for this event and you’ll surely find a crowd of hop-heads impersonating Cliff Clavin on the origins of life & fermentation.

Don’t worry, the Festival runs all week till April 28th so pace yourself, hydrate, and don’t hesitate to make multiple trips, all you need is a sturdy beach cruiser and an elbow that bends. The following are just some of the notable IPAs you’ll be able to choose from: Russian River’s Pliny the Elder, Bootlegger’s Knuckle Sandwich, brews from Strand Brewing Co., and various flavors from Stone IPA. Enjoy your weekend top-side at Naja’s pseudo hop-heaven before all the buzz is gone.

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