“The Grateful Dead Movie” Event Celebrates the Genesis of 4:20 as its shown Nationwide Tonight

The Grateful Dead Movie Event

The origins of this customary stoner code known ritually as 4:20 are steeped in Neo-Bohemian folklore and are a bit hazy to say the least. Traditionally, 4:20 was collectively known as something like a North America Siesta, but now April 20th has evolved into an international celebration of everything that relates to marijuana and its ever growing movement into pop-culture, health-care, and business.

To honor this new-found, unofficial holiday, “The Grateful Dead Movie” will be screened nationally tonight in 540 theatres. This fantastic time capsule of American History features live performances from The Grateful Dead at their peak circa 1974, live interviews with Jerry Garcia, and some dead-heads looking for tickets. The closest screening to the South Bay will be at AMC Rolling Hills Plaza at 7:30pm.

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