The Midwest of the South Bay hosts its Annual Hometown Fair

El Segundo Hometown Fair The second location for Chevron’s oil refinery is scenically located between Santa Monica Bay and LAX where right against an odoriferous array of middle class America sits El Segundo. Internationally known and recognized as the “Midwest” of the South Bay, this small town hamlet hosts a gold mine of unique restaurants, bars, and personalities. Known locally as the “Gundo”, it’s almost more of a state of mind than an unincorporated town, but that’s where you find this weekend’s perfect family event. In fact, there will be generations of families attending the El Segundo Hometown Fair this Saturday because small-town family life is the driving force behind the charm of anything happening in El Segundo. Don’t bring your GPS, just remember the following address: Library Park, 600 Main Street, El Segundo, CA, directly across from El Segundo High School.

Revel in some traditional American activities this Saturday like snacking on some fair food, watch toddlers perform dance routines, peruse crafts booths, visit the beer garden, or listen to some live music from Rod Lightening & the Thunderbolts of Love. If you have time, stop by El Segundo’s Historic Richmond Street and mosey into Richmond Bar & Grill. It’s a no fuss all thrills, cash only bar that serves hard to find micro-brews, hot dog sandwiches, and homemade potato chips. Enjoy the weekend.

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